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Bike Race Birthday Party May 23, 2011

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When our son Luke turned 8, he wanted a NASCAR birthday party. It only took about 5 minutes to see how expensive that was going to be. He got a new bike from Grandma for his birthday, so we settled on a bike race theme.

I bought everything for the party at the dollar store and spent less than $40.

We had the party at a local park with a paved trail that went around the perimeter. Lots of room to race and play and clean up is a breeze.

Decorating the Bikes

I bought streamers and foam craft stickers and stuff at the dollar store for the kids to decorate their racing bikes. We let them start decorating as soon as they got there. It kept them busy and entertained while we waited for everyone to arrive.
I put almost no effort into the cupcakes. We just used Betty Crocker’s gluten-free cake mix, cream cheese frosting, added little cars from the dollar store, and used crazy candles.
I made a trophy (Piston Cup) pinata out of paper mache, spray painted it gold, and filled it with goodies from (where else) the dollar store.
While I was at the dollar store, I picked up a t-shirt in his favorite color and let him decorate it with some fabric paint that I already had on hand.

The birthday boy is ready to race!

We took some dollar store sidewalk chalk and Luke drew start & finish lines on the sidewalk.

On your marks . . .


. . . get set . . .


. . . GO!!!!


Lined up to take a whack at the pinata. We thought it best to have them keep their helmets on.

We had perfect weather, no injuries and just a great day. I love birthday parties!

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