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Chores May 23, 2011

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One area that I’ve always struggled with it getting the kids to do chores consistently. I came up with this idea and it seems to work pretty well for us. Each kid gets 2 chores per day and each day we rotate the assignments by one. So each kid does the same chore for 2 days in a row, but always has a new chore each day. It only takes the kids about 10 minutes to complete both chores, so we aren’t asking much of them. Every day that they complete their chores, they get to put a sticker on their chart. At the end of every week, if their chart is full, they each get a the same number of quarters as they are years old (ie. our 8-year-old gets 8 quarters).

I added pictures for the benefit of my 4-year-old, who is just learning how to read (also, it makes it look like more fun).
Chore Wheel
Sticker Chart


If they have any empty boxes at the end of the week, the get 2 quarters taken away for each empty box. We do make exceptions, if, for example, they are spending the night at grandma’s house, or we’ve had an exceptionally busy day and get home after bedtime. Those empty boxes are forgiven.

It works great when my husband and I are consistent with it. I guess maybe we need a sticker chart too.

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