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How to Make Garden Markers May 23, 2011

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We are getting ready to start seeds in the greenhouse for what I hope is a bountiful garden this summer. I needed a cheap way to be able to mark all those little seedlings. A wise old woman shared this idea with me.

Step one.
Find a set of old window blinds. I bought some at a second hand store for $1.99. Mine were plastic but I think metal would work well too.

Step two.
Cut the strings and take the blinds apart.


Step three.
Cut each blind into 6 inch strips. I just eyeballed it, so mine were anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. Feel free to be as exact or relaxed as you want. It really doesn’t matter.

Step four.
Wash all those strips in the washing machine with some old towels or anything else that you don’t mind getting snags in. This step is optional. The blinds that I purchased were pretty dusty. I don’t mind my own dust, but was pretty grossed out by other people’s dust. Also, you need them to be clean when you write on them later.
Step five.
Cut all the strip lengthwise. Thus creating twice as many markers.


Step six.
Cut one end to make a point.


Step seven.
Use a Sharpie pen to write the name of whatever it is you are going to plant on the marker.


Ta-Da! Enjoy your garden markers!

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