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How to Pray for Your Kids May 23, 2011

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My awesome friend Amy shared this with me. I love it so I thought I would pass it along. I made a couple of changes to it.

Here are 31 “things” to pray for you kids. One for each day of the month. I was already praying with the boys each night at bedtime. Now I have added this to our prayer routine. Some nights, it’s late when we get to bed and I simply ask God to give my children (and my husband and myself) the “thing” for that day. Some nights we have a little more time, and I try to explain that night’s “thing” to the kids along with praying about it. And then, there are those rare nights when I’ve got it all together and we read a story about that night’s “thing”, read some Bible verses, talk about what it means, and pray about it.

1st – Salvation (If your children are already saved, ask God to help them share the salvation message with their friends)

2nd – Forgiveness

3rd – Love

4th – Integrity

5th – Self-Control

6th – Love for God’s Word

7th – Obedience

8th – Health

9th – Respect

10th – Self-Esteem

11th – Faithfulness

12th – Courage

13th – Purity

14th – Kindness

15th – Generosity

16th – Peace Loving

17th – Joy

18th – Perseverance

19th – Humility

20th – Compassion

21st – Responsibility

22nd – Contentment

23rd – Faith

24th – A Servant’s Heart

25th – Hope

26th – Patience

27th – Passion for the Lord

28th – Wisdom

29th – Prayerfulness

30th – Gratitude

31st – Boldness


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