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Silly Sam May 23, 2011

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Our son Sam is currently 4-years-old, and sometimes, he says the craziest things. Here are a few that he’s said lately:

  • I had just finished a bowl of Berry, Berry Kix when Sam walked in the kitchen, saw my bowl and said, “Mom, how come you have pink milk? Is it from a pink cow?”
  • Sam started telling me a story about climbing up a tree. I must confess that I wasn’t paying much attention, until is storytelling started getting very dramatic.   “ . . . and I wouldn’t be able to come down {sticks his pouty lip out}, and I would get very hundry {sticks his pouty lip out farther and tears start welling up}, and I would miss Mommy and Daddy {Crying, slobbering, blubbery mess}.”
  • Sam and I play a little game where he gives me a kiss and I pretend it’s yucky and wipe it off. Then I give him a kiss and he pretends it’s yucky and wipes it off. During the game, he gave me a kiss and then said that it was a, “Super-de-duper-re-doup-er-de-ooper-y-permanent kiss”, and that I can’t wipe it off.



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