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Musical Birthday Party May 25, 2011

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Our son Mac is the musician in our family, the only musician (the rest of us couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket). So, for his 7th birthday party, we chose a musical theme. We decided to have the party in our church’s fellowship hall because we weren’t sure if the weather would hold out for an outside party and our house is really tiny. It worked great. Easy set up, easy clean up and lots of room to run. I should say the clean up was SUPER easy for me because I had just had ankle surgery and was still on crutches. I have to say another thank you to the wonderful adults at the party who graciously helped while I sat.

I picked up a dollar store shirt in Mac’s favorite color (at the time, now his favorite color is blue) and let him decorate it.

The birthday boy

I made a guitar cake. It didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it too, but it wasn’t too bad, and it tasted great.

The cake.

I’m a big fan of giving the kids a craft to do when the arrive. It gives them something to do while they are waiting for everyone to get there.  We made maracas out of toilet paper rolls and filled them with beans. The kids used foam stickers to decorate them.

Decorating the maracas

Then we practiced some rhythms and then played the maracas to the song La Cucaracha.

La Cucaracha


Dancing and playing their maracas

And what’s a musical birthday party without the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance?

You put your right foot in (or is that my left foot?)


Flap those chicken wings

Cake time!

Make a wish


Mmmmmmm, cake

Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, we played Trumpet, Trumpet, Piano. Perfect game to go along with our musical theme.

Trumpet, Trumpet, Piano

I have always made the kids pinatas myself, but since I was on injured reserve, my kind husband bought one for me.

Store bought, how un-orginal


Will this be the right ribbon?


Dash for the loot!


One last game, Freeze Dance. While the music played, the kids danced. When the music stopped, the kids had to freeze. The last kid to freeze was out. Play music, freeze, repeat, until there was only one kid left.

Freeze Dancing

Another successful birthday party. Looking forward to the next one.

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