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I Heart Faces ~ Beautiful Eyes Contest August 15, 2011

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My son Sam. I am entering this picture in the


This weeks subject is beautiful eyes.


The envy of all the girls.




Luke’s Lego Birthday Party August 10, 2011

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Picture I took to use on his birthday invitations.

Luke chose a Lego theme for his 9th birthday party. He’s happiest with just a few close friends, so we had 4 young guests and a handful of adult ones (who seemed to enjoy the party at least as much as the children did).

My husband built a ramp with some leftover flooring. As the children arrived at the party, they worked on building Lego cars to race down the ramp.

Kids racing their Lego cars.
I picked up some ribbons in the clearance section of Michaels and added these little blue circles.
Award Ribbons
Since Luke has Celiac Disease (which means he has to eat a completely gluten-free diet), I use Betty Crocker gluten-free mix for the cake.
Gluten-free, dye-free Lego cakes.
And because he has such bad reactions to artificial colors, I used beet juice to color the cake.  This was my first ever experience with fondant and I think it turned out pretty good. I’ll do another post dedicated to my fondant experience (what worked, and what I would do different next time).

Luke eating the marshmallow off the top of the cake.

 I made a Lego pinata (again, it had to be gluten-free, so it’s made with corn starch instead of flour). I filled it with some all natural suckers and some silly straws from the dollar store.

Lego pinata.

Instead of putting a lot of junk that gets broken and thrown away in the pinata, I put in crazy straws. I went to Michael’s and got a bunch of toys from the $1-2 section. I laid them out on a table and then drew Legos out of a jar. When I pulled out a yellow Lego, the kids with the yellow straws got to pick a prize off the table. It worked really well. There was no fighting or whining and everyone got a little nicer toy because it didn’t have to survive a beating with a bat.

Whacking the Lego pinata.


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