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I Heart Faces ~ Autumn Splendor November 13, 2011

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My son Mac, being burried in leaves by his brothers.

Pure Joy

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Halloween Costume November 3, 2011

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The boys all wanted to be NASCAR drivers for Halloween. Since Sam is only 5 and doesn’t read very well, he was just happy to have a costume that looked like a race car driver. And, God bless his little heart, he wore the generic costume that we already had in the dress-up box. I bought Mac’s costume from someone at work for $10 (YAY!). Luke, who eats, breathes and sleeps NASCAR, insisted on being Jimmie Johnson. The problem is that they don’t make that costume anymore. Over a month of constant checking on ebay, only lead to more frustration. We would find a costume, bid on the costume, and at the last minute, it would skyrocket to over $40 + shipping. Even if we could afford it, you’ve got to be kidding me? $40 for a polyester jumpsuit? So off we went to Joann’s for some fabric. We came home with this:

Now on to the business of creating a race car driver suit with no pattern. I used his brother’s costume as a guide to cut out the pieces. I sewed red ribbon on the sleeves and pant legs, and copied the Lowe’s logo. Then I used freezer paper stenciling to make the letters. Finally, I sewed it all together. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The boy was happy too!

Luke, Sam & Mac