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A Very Angry Birthday Party March 12, 2013

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Angry Birds Birthday

Angry Birds Birthday

My son is obsessed with Angry Birds, so it wasn’t hard to pick a theme for his 6th birthday party.

I like to start our parties with a craft that the kids can work on while we are waiting for everyone to arrive. I don’t think I’d ever do this craft again, but I guess it’s worth sharing. We had the kids paint empty cans to look like angry birds, then ran some string though them and made romper stompers. I think it would work great with bigger cans, but we used regular soup-sized cans, and they crumpled under the kids weight. We prepared the cans ahead of time by spray painting them green, yellow and red. I had craft paint and google eyes for the kids to decorate with.

Angry Birds romper stompers.

Angry Birds romper stompers.





Next we had cupcakes. I made cupcake toppers out of craft foam, glued them to popsicle sticks, and stuck them in the cupcakes. This was nice because I was able to have them (the toppers) done days before the party, which took a lot of stress away the day of the party.



But by far, the best part of the party was the life-size Angry Birds game. My husband tried to build a slingshot out of PVC pipe, but it did not go well. I bought balls at Walmart for a dollar each and used fabric paint to paint the faces on them. I took empty boxes of various size and covered them with white paper, and then painted them to look like wood, stone, glass, etc. Since the slingshot didn’t work out so well, the kids just threw the balls at the pigs. It worked out so much better that way because the kids had so much more control. They all had a blast with this game.

Life-size Angry Birds game.

Life-size Angry Birds game.

See, here they are having fun.







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